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Currently the application accepting official web site is closed.

Participants of fiscal year 2015 program can now check their results in the official web site.

Winners must proceed with the new processing method through the DS-260 online application form.

Next visa lottery program.

DV-2016 is the next expected draw that is going to accept entries from eligible people in this year.

So far the U.S State Department hasn't announced the opening and closing dates for this draw.

There are 50,000 slots available and nearly 100,000 entrants will be selected as selectees and will be allowed to apply for one of the immigrant visa through the normal immigration procedures. Visit our web site regularly to get updates on this draw.

Applicant must fulfill the birth country, minimum age limit, education/work experience to submit the application form.

A person is allowed to submit only one entry with his name as primary applicant in any given year.

If more than one entry is submitted with a person's names primary applicant, all his entries will be rejected regardless of who has submitted them.
No one can guarantee that you will be a winner.
People living in the USA can apply for them and/or for their eligible relatives and friends.

  • Benefits of the American Government's diversity program.
  • Winners will be allowed to apply for the U.S immigrant entry permits.
  • Those who had been selected in the draw must proof their eligibility at the interview to get the permits to land in the United States.
  • Once they reach there, they can obtain their Green card (LPR status) following the paper works.
  • This will allow them to live and work in there permanently and to move freely through the boarders.
  • living permanently in the USA, they will be allowed to apply for the American Citizenship.
  • Entering the program.

The winners will have to pay US$ 330 (Only to the US Embassy) as visa processing fees on the day of their interview and once issued with the entry permits they have to pay another US$ 165 as USCIS processing fee before they depart from their country.

2013 year program has been closed officially.
DV-2014 is now allowing winners to be interviewed according to their case numbers.
Interviews will commence on 1st of October for the DV-2015 winners.

Sources of the article:
By State Department.
By U.S Immigration Authority.

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