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DV 2014 Online Results.

DV-2014 American visa lottery results are now available in the internet. The web facility will be kept open till 30th September this year for to check your online status.

Participants or their agents can check the selection results by providing the confirmation number and the required information. The result will be shown in the computer screen then and there if the provided information is correct. There are 50,000 entry permits available under this program for the fiscal year.

Visa processing fee is US$ 330 each for you and your eligible dependants and it should be paid only to the US Consular office on the date of the interview.

American Government will issue only the E.P, if you are selected and proofed that you are eligible to obtain the visa at the visa interview.

Once you had received the entry permit, you must pay another US $165 as the USICS processing fee before you start your journey.
You can pay the fee for all family members in one transaction through the internet. You will not be issued with the Green cards till you pay these processing fees.

Take note only participating in the draw is free and thereafter if you are selected as winner then you must pay each and every related fee to immigrate to the USA.

Flight ticket, housing facility and other benefits will NOT be issued by the U.S Government.

Medical expenses should be met by you for the medical examinations at the time of your interview.

Travel allowances will not be paid, when you are attending the interview in another country.

For any given reason if your visas have been refused by the US Embassy, the processing fees will not be refunded to you. It is just the processing fee.

So, read and understand all of the instructions before participating in the draw by you.

Can someone transfer his winning to me?
No, it is not allowed.

My father the primary selectee and had died, I am his dependant son, can I continue with the processing?
No, it is not allowed.

When the interviews will start?
They had already started on 01 October 2013. Lower case numbers were called first and it is continuing in that order.
This will be carried out in a manner as first come first serve.
Some time the higher marked case numbers won't be called for the interviews as the visas may exhaust earlier.

When the DV-2014 will close?
Officially it will close on 30/09/2015.

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