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DV 2014 Visa Lottery.

DV 2014 program is the one and only program in the world that offers easy immigration path to America. There are many other path to immigrate to there, that are suitable for the talented people under the H-1B , H-2B , L-1, J1, E1, E2, and TN1 programs. Anyway, the green card lottery is preferred as the best path to immigrate to the USA. The program gives a lucky person with required eligibility to immigrate to there with less money in short period of time. Because of this millions of people around the world participate in this draw through the internet to check their luck.

The American Government officially conducts this program in a simple manner although the program is covered with strict rules.
To participate, you must have the following qualifications. If you don't have any of them don't participate.

  • You birth should be occurred in a country that should be eligible to participate in the program.
  • Age must be more then 18 years of age to meet the educational requirements.
  • You should have successfully completed High school degree, after following 12 years of junior and high school.
  • Otherwise must meet the required work experience as per the draw instructions.
  • A person is allowed to submit one entry only with his name as primary applicant.
  • Married person must include spouse and eligible children in the application form. If failed to do so, you will be disqualified from the program.
  • An applicant can include only one spouse as eligible spouse.
  • If you are selected as a winner, you must proof
  • You are in good health and should be certified by an Embassy approved medical practitioner.
  • Must provide police clearance, without any crime record from those places you had lived.
  • You must not have violated any of the American immigration laws.
  • It is compulsory to provide one affidavit of support from an American citizen or PR holder through the I-134 form.
  • Pay the DV processing fee of US$ 330 for you and each of your dependants, on the day of your interview.

American Government will issue only the entry permits, if you are selected and had proofed that you are eligible to obtain the visa at
the interview.

Once you had received the it, you must pay another US $65 as the USICS processing fee before you start your journey.

Take note only participating in the DV-2014 is free, there after you must pay all the related fees to immigrate to the USA.
Closing date of the fiscalyear 2014 program is set to 30th September 2014.

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