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Posted 3/13/2013 | by Hemabala

DV-2015 is the expected next diversity visa lottery program that has to take place in this year. So far there is no news from the U.S State Department about this DV 2015 visa lottery program. Normally the application form submission process should take place in the last quarter of this year 2013.

As of today, still there are no words from the State Department or from the KCC regarding the forth coming visa lottery program. Once it is available we will publish them here for your benefit. Keep visiting this web site regularly.

Also there is some news which states that there are some obstructions looming over the life of the American diversity lottery program. Some American people welcome the program while some of them don't like at all. Because of this there are always arguments between the Republican and the Democrat politicians in the House. Mean while the Obama administration is planning to make some immigration reform in this year. On the other hand the whole world is waiting to see what kind of immigration reforms are going to be taken this year by the American President Obama Administration.

And this immigration reforms may or may not affect this year American Green card Lottery program.
Let's wait and see.

Till now every year 55,000 permanent residence visas are used to be distributed between the eligible people from the eligible countries. A computer generated random name selection was used to select the names of the winners and they were requested to apply for the visas where at the interview theconsular officers along with the other departments will decide whether to issue the entry permits or not.

In December 2012 the U.S House of Representatives voted in favor of eliminating the green card lottery and to bring a new scheme to issue green cards to foreign student who had successfully graduated from American universities. The Republican members believe that the DV-Lottery program is full of cheating and used to allow unwanted people in to the USA.

The resolution was passed there with 245-139 votes in eliminating the visa lottery. Although the Obama led Government of Democrats oppose this bill.

They are in favor of the program and they don't want to abolish soon.

The bill was dropped by the Democrat controlled Senate at the time of the debate and there is no chance for it to be passed in the Senate house. So those who want to participate in the DV-2015 visa lottery program must keep their fingers crossed to hear the decision from the Senate soon.

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